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Customer Reviews

  • What a great trip! Mahbub was an excellent host very knowledgeable about the history of Dhaka. Enjoyed riding the rickshaw getting a up close and personal touch to the sites and sounds of the city. A wonderful experience with lasting memories.

    Kevin Ellis
  • ガイドの方が大変親切で、解りやすい英語で色々と説明してくださいました。主要観光ポイントも抑えられていました。待ち合わせる時間にも時間通りに来てくれました。大変良かったです。当初自力で観光しようと思ったのですが、このツアーにして良かったです。

  • This tour was beyond my expectations. Mahbub was my guide – assured me to see as many sights as possible. He looked after me very well. He even took my bag with him. I sincerely wish them all the best in the future! Highly recommended!

  • Great tour. Amin took me to all the highlights of Dhaka. Lunch was traditional Bengal dish. Be careful it’s spicy. Amin also took me shopping which you should do because this is the cheapest and best quality in SE Asia. Thanks.

    John Wong
  • Thanks to this tour I indeed was able to see the highlights of Dhaka plus being able to share some  moments with locals, making that day a very interesting one.

    Bertrand Durbise
  • I had a perfect tour guide (Mr. Amin). He showd me some beautilfull places and was very flexible. I also got very good tips for my further plans. With this trip I got a very good overview about the city after arriving in Bangladesh.

    Holger Westhoff

Bangladesh Tour Package List of Modhu Tours

Best Seller

Experience Bangladesh through Thrilling Adventures & Lifestyles

The 7-day Bangladesh tour is an extraordinary adventure that offers a glimpse into the country’s thrilling experiences and vibrant lifestyles. From the bustling city of Dhaka to the historic wonders of Sonargaon and the breathtaking beauty of Cox’s Bazar, this journey is designed to create unforgettable memories.
Holiday in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Holiday in Amazing South Bengal

Welcome to the enchanting land of Bangladesh, a country rich in cultural heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey as you embark on a tour that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Best Seller
Barishal backwater tour

Amazing Barishal Backwater Tour in Bangladesh

Barishal is known as the land of canals, rivers, and paddy. It is a district of the Southern region of Bangladesh. It is also famous as the "Venice of Bengal". On this tour, we will explore different tourist attractions in Barishal and experience the life of people.
(1 Review)
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Bangladesh Vacation with Stunning River Cruise Experience

Our exclusive tour package offers a captivating exploration of Dhaka, Sonargaon, and Mainamati, coupled with a mesmerizing river cruise experience. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Sonargaon, marvel at the ancient treasures of Mainamati, and savor the dynamic energy of Dhaka.
Best Seller
Bangladesh Expedition

Bangladesh Expedition from the Northwest to the Southern Region

Start and end in Dhaka! With the Explorer tour, you have a 9-day tour package taking you through Dhaka and 6 other destinations in Bangladesh. This Bangladesh tour package includes accommodation, expert guide, meals, transport, and more.
Private north bengal tour

Private North Bengal Tour with 2 Internal Flights and 4-Star Hotels

Traveling to North Bengal can be an exciting experience for tourists who want to explore the cultural and historical landmarks of Bangladesh. This tour package is an ideal choice for those seeking to experience these ancient wonders.
Best Seller

Discover Ancient North Bengal

A tour of North Bengal is a significant aspect of exploring Bangladesh, offering an opportunity to immerse oneself in the country’s rich history, culture, art, and way of life. This tour package is an ideal choice for those seeking to experience these ancient wonders. Our main tourist locations are Bogura, Naogaon, and Rajshahi.
(1 Review)
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Best Seller
Sonargaon tour

Sonargaon Day Tour from Dhaka

Sonargaon, a hidden gem in Bangladesh, is an unmissable destination that captivates both history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. Its profound cultural heritage and breathtaking architecture make it a must-visit town, offering visitors a mesmerizing journey through time to relive the glorious days of the past.
(2 Reviews)
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Best Seller

Dhaka Day Tour: Highlights of Dhaka

This comprehensive full-day tour of Dhaka is perfect for those visiting the city for the first time or having a short stay. It includes all the essential must-see sights, and your knowledgeable guide will provide fascinating insights into Bangladeshi culture, as well as the rich history and vibrant present of the capital city.
(5 Reviews)
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Bangladesh Tour: Unveil the Treasures of Bangladesh in 9 Days

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Bangladesh Tour: Unveil the Treasures of Bangladesh. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural wonders that this vibrant country has to offer. From bustling cities to serene landscapes, this tour will take you on an unforgettable adventure.
Tour in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Highlights: Explore the Best of Bangladesh

Join us on a journey to explore the highlights of this remarkable country and discover its hidden gems. Our expertly crafted tour package will take you on a journey of a lifetime, immersing you in the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of Bangladesh.
Experiencing Sylhet

Explore Beautiful Sylhet and Srimangal in Bangladesh

Start and end in Dhaka! With the Active tour Exploring Sylhet and Srimangal, you have a 7-day tour package taking you through Dhaka, Bangladesh and 2 other destinations in Bangladesh. Exploring Sylhet and Srimangal includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport.
Explore Dhaka

Explore Dhaka: Uncovering the History, Culture, and Lifestyle

Tailored for first-time visitors or those with limited time, this extensive Dhaka tour encompasses all the essential highlights. Indulge in local cuisine and immerse yourself in the rhythm of Dhaka’s lifestyle.
Japanese tourist in Bangladesh

Dhaka and Sonargaon Tour of Photography, History & Culture

Dhaka and Sonargaon are the prime tourist spots in Bangladesh. This comprehensive tour guides you through various picturesque locations within the city, allowing you to capture moments through photography while deeply engaging with the rich culture and history. Maximize your opportunity to capture extraordinary photos during this journey.
(1 Review)
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