Tourists from Hong Kong Visited Bangladesh

Bangladesh attracts tourists from Hong Kong. Modhu Tours Bangladesh is a proud partner in making this tour successful. Have a look.

Bangladesh tour by Hong Kong tourist.
Trip to Sadarghat, Dhaka.
Visiting Armenian Church in Bangladesh.
Visiting Armenian Church, Bangladesh
Trip to Dhaka University
Curzon Hall tour, Dhaka University
Visiting Lalbagh Fort, Bangladesh
Lalbagh Fort trip in Dhaka.
Viewing Star Mosque Dhaka
In front of Star Mosque
Lalbagh Fort trip.
Touching the wall of the Lalbagh Fort
Trip to Dhakeshwari Temple, Dhaka.
Dhakeshwari Temple, Dhaka
Hong Kong tourist experiencing rickshaw.
Experiencing rickshaw in Bangladesh
Snapshot of Dhakeshwari Temple
Tourist in Dhakeshwari Temple
Experiencing Dhekeshwari Temple in Dhaka
Experiencing Hindu temple activities in Dhaka.

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