Japanese Tourists in Bangladesh

Sadarghat trip in Bangladesh

Modhu Tours has some fantastic experiences with Japanese tourists as a tour partner in Bangladesh. Travelers from Japan contact us to explore different attractions, people, and lifestyles in Bangladesh,

Visiting the Pink Palace in Dhaka
Happy Japanese tourists in the Ahsan Manjil(Pink Palace)
Dhaka university trip
Curzon Hall, Dhaka University
Visiting Star Mosque, Dhaka
Star Mosque, Dhaka
Experiencing Sadarghat, Dhaka
Sadarghat River Port, Dhaka
Experiencing rickshaw in Bangladesh
Experiencing rickshaw in Dhaka
Visiting Lalbagh Fort in Bangladesh
Japanese tourist in Lalbagh Fort.
Visiting Dhakeshwari Temple in Bangladesh.
Visiting ancient Dhakeshwari Temple, Dhaka
Visiting Armenian Church in Dhaka.
Japanese tourist visiting Armenian Church in Dhaka.

If you are planning to visit Bangladesh, contact Modhu Tours. We are in Bangladesh to make an enjoyable tour for you. We will be happy to make a customized tour that suits you and your group.